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Welcome to Period Panteez, Dad!

Dads protect your daughters with Period Panteez Period Panties There is no bond like that of a daughter and her daddy.

Your little girl is becoming a young lady and will need your guidance and understanding now more than ever.

As a father, it is second nature to protect your daughter in any way you can, prevent anything from upsetting or embarrassing her, and provide comfort, support, and guidance for her. We know you want to help, but maybe until now, you just needed a few tools and some expert advice from women, so that you can better assist your daughter in her time of need. We at Period Panteez™ are here to guide you.

Your daughter may be asking you questions about her menstrual cycle, such as:

  • When can I expect to start my period?
  • What protection do I need while I'm menstruating?
  • How often will I have a menstrual cycle?
  • Please see our FAQ for more common questions.
Relax Dad, we're here to help, period!

Nobody knows your daughter like you do, so just be honest and keep the lines of communication open.

Having the talk:

First and foremost:

Be sure to express to your daughter to be proud of her period! Having a period is a privilege and it should be celebrated!

A period, or menstrual cycle, is an important part of puberty. For most women, once menstruation begins, or shortly thereafter, they have the gift of reproduction.

Periods can be a pain, literally and figuratively speaking. But it is a girl's rite of passage into womanhood, a special gift, and a miracle, period!

What your daughter needs from you:

Open line of communication

Questions your daughter may ask you:

When can I expect to start my period?

It can vary quite a bit from girl to girl because all of us are unique and special. You may start your period anytime between the age of 8-16. The "average" age for starting your period is between 11-12, but remember that everyone is different and that is part of what makes all women beautiful!

What protection do I need while I'm menstruating?

Maxi Pads
Mini Pads
Period Panteez

Heating pad
Tampons (for swimming)
Pillow for hugging

How often will I have a menstrual cycle?

Once a month, about every 28 days, you will have a menstrual cycle. But since you are so special, your cycle may vary anywhere from 20 to 42 days and still be considered normal. In the beginning, periods may not be regular. It is possible to have two in one month or to even skip a month, only in the beginning though. Periods will most likely regulate and become quite predictable very soon!

How long will my menstrual cycle last?

Typically, periods last between three to five days, but it is perfectly normal to have periods that are either shorter or longer, especially in the first years.

Common symptoms and explanations to help Dad to better understand PMS and his daughter's period!


Most girls, about 85%, begin experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms, ranging from cramps, bloating, and fatigue to nervousness, irritability, and depression. Many girls will experience breast tenderness, mood swings, hormone headaches, and/or restlessness, too.

Is PMS real?


What causes PMS?

The fluctuation of hormonal levels as well as chemical changes in the brain.

What are the SYMPTOMS of PMS?

There are both Physical and Emotional symptoms of PMS.

Emotional Symptoms of PMS:

Mood Swings
Lack of Patience
Poor Concentration

Physical Symptoms of PMS:

Abdominal Cramping
Heavy Flow
Lack of Energy
Joint or Muscle Pain
Swollen or Tender Breasts
Acne Flare-Ups
Constipation or Diarrhea

Dad, of course you want to assist your daughter at such a poignant, vulnerable time in her life, but you may be hesitant to say the wrong thing and simply may not know what to say. Worry no more, we will guide you through the process. Having had period talks with countless Dads for research and personal purposes, we understand what tools and information Dads need to be able to best assist their daughters.

Knowledge and understanding are what your daughter needs! Be patient with your daughter, as you think this is hard on you, try stepping into her shoes for a while! PMS and all of its symptoms are real and showing compassion and empathy will get you a long way with your daughter! Knowing that Dad cares, understands, and is there for his daughter is imperative.

Keep the lines of communication open, reach out to your daughter and ask how she is doing, and if there is anything she needs. You know your daughter, so if she needs space, give her space. If she needs to cry, provide a shoulder for her to cry on. If she needs to talk, be there to listen and provide her with guidance. A simple hug, an inexpensive shopping spree, and a chocolate milk shake can go a long way, too.

For physical symptoms, heat is great for cramps, as are Period Panteez™, due to their snug fit, they provide just the hug needed! Medical massage, yoga, a brief nap, or a nice walk outdoors can also be very beneficial. In addition, eating a healthy diet chock full of fresh fruits and veggies will help, too. That said, a girl still needs her chocolate during PMS and menstruation!

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