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"I am extremely happy with this product. No more worries of accidents when out shopping or sleeping!"
Shannon - Birmingham

"I really like my Period Panteez, they are neat and work great, what I like the most is the snug feeling, they hug you where you need it most and hide the bloat completely."
Nadia - United Kingdom

"My daughter just loves them and I am now ordering for my next daughter. Thank you! Xxx"
Justine - Melbourne

"Tried them...loved them!"
Leticia - Houston

"Wow, I didn't realize how much the pressure of the waistband would help soothe cramps! ... I also like that these have a slim silhouette. Nothing baggy or lumpy going on. So grateful for my purchase; thank you!"
Kyle - Boston

"I really liked the product and customer service, communication was more than excellent."
Yanis - Puerto Rico

"I love this product!"
Veronica - Richmond

"Period Panteez are fantastic and solve a problem I have had since my menstruation cycles began!"
Lauren - Oakland

"Have 1 pair already fantastic product!"
Julie - New South Wales

"They are a lifesaver and they are worth every penny!"
Brenda - Nashville

"The mere fact that I can wear them underneath my jeans without worrying about anyone seeing any lines is awesome."
Shannon - Alabama

"The garment fit snug, kept the pad in place and did not chafe around the leg or waist. I will definitely be purchasing another pair."
Gail - Boston

"My twin daughters absolutely LOVE your product! Period Panteez are just THE BEST for anyone who menstruates! Thank you for inventing them!"
Jackie - Memphis

"Thank you so much for inventing this product! I'm going through peri-menopause and this product saved me from embarrassing leaks, I just feel more confident. Thank you so much!!!!"
Glenda - Warrington

"@PeriodPanteez You saved my clothes and bed sheets! So thank YOU! #period"
@MenstrualCupsDi - London

"I just got my package from @PeriodPanteez I love how they look. Perfect quality and looks so comfy. Thank you once again!"
Lisa - Brooklyn

"I love the product! It has made my life SO much easier! I have recommended Period Panteez to my sister and my best friend. If I had only had this YEARS ago!"
Danielle - Mobile

"My 11yr old daughter loved her Period Panteez. It made her feel more confident when it was time for her to go back to school."
Liz - Valencia

"They are wonderful!"
Mary - Charlotte

"Aunt Flow came this week and I was prepared...@PeriodPanteez are the BEST!"
Jasmine - Minneapolis

"Many congratulations to you! You have a wonderful product and we thank you for creating it."
Michelle - Los Angeles

"I have tried my Panteez with either cloth pads and menstrual cups and I have never experienced a single leak."
Nadia - Scarborough

"Your product continues to be amazing! Thank you for creating this!"
Michelle - Santa Monica

"Thank you!"
Violet - Charlotte

  • The Original, Patented Period Panty
  • Soft, moisture wicking inner layer
  • Innermost, leak-resistant pad-shaped layer for protection
  • Stretchy outer layer that acts as shapewear and helps cramps!
  • Plush, extra soft waistband
  • Provide maximum coverage and support
  • Machine washable, Eco-friendly
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee!
  • Hassle-free exchanges & returns
  • As Seen in Martha Stewart Living
  • As Seen in Health Magazine
  • Prevent pad displacement and no-chafing
  • Engineered to relieve cramps and bloating
  • Made in the USA from hand-picked, fine quality fabrics
  • Prevent sleepless nights, costly accidents, and period nightmares
  • Boost confidence and peace of mind
  • Save money and embarrassment
  • Superior quality; Will last for years
  • Don't settle for cheap imitations
  • Give you just the hug you need
  • As Seen on The Real Talk Show
  • As Seen in Martha Stewart Weddings
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Period Panteez, also known as Period Panties, are a protective, breathable, menstrual underwear (also referred to as a period panty, period underwear, or sanitary panty).


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