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“They Are A Godsend”!

If I die today, I will have a new sense of peace knowing that my dream is someone else’s Godsend! Don’t get me wrong, I plan on living a full, prosperous life and pray for longevity. I have only begun to serve through my invention and I have a million and one things I dream of accomplishing, as my goals will surely out-live me!

But to hear that my product is a “godsend”, brings tears to my eyes and chills up my spine! It brings me the ultimate joy; the kind of pure, real, true joy that can only be heaven sent! The joy where I hear God almost say, “I am proud of you, my child. You obeyed me and as a result, you are serving my children”.

What you may not know, is that inventing Period Panteez and making them available for everyone, was a task given to me from God, and I obediently carried it out. I knew in my heart of hearts that someday I would invent something, because I am a relentless problem solver and out of necessity have been inventing things my entire life. But it was only through countless, “crazy” circumstances that Period Panteez came to me! I will save that for another blog, as that is a story, all in itself!

I haven’t yet bought my farm that I dream of, where I can have rows of greenhouses and barns of hydroponic vegetables growing year-round to help feed my hungry neighbors. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to create a safe, happy, and healthy environment for orphaned children to come home, where they will have the love, support, and tools they need to live their best life. And I am far from achieving my financial goals, in which I only set because I understand that it’s a necessary principle of success.

But, to open my email on a Sunday evening, after five years of blood, sweat, and tears, being obedient, and walking by faith, and to then read, from a prefect stranger that my product is their “godsend”, is, well, my Godsend!

“If you live the questions, life will move you into the answers”. ~ Deepak Chopra


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