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Business Is All About the People, Period!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I was organizing all of my business email folders last week and noticed something quite simple, yet profound, regarding the names of the folders themselves.  There is a folder named “Lisa” and another “Larry”.  One titled “Ryan” and one called “Debbie”.  Why do I have friend folders mixed in with my company email account?  I don’t!  Lisa is my manufacturer and Larry my accountant.  Ryan is my graphic artist and Debbie is my design engineer.

I value, appreciate, and respect everyone that has or will, in any way, shape or form, contribute in assisting me in fulfilling my dreams and accomplishing my goals!  I don’t have to remind myself to say “please” when I ask something of them, it is natural.  I don’t have to “remember” to thank them, I can’t help myself.  And I am not too busy to send them a Christmas card, I want to do it!

Period Panteez was founded on being all about the people. Making a great product is all about the people and solely because of the people. I want people to love my product!  I want to serve by solving a problem for, making it easier on, or helping to improve the lives of other people!

On Period Panteez website, it reads, “At the core, we’re a company that puts people first and what we want most is for women to finally be able to feel comfortable, confident, supported, and secure knowing that their period nightmare won’t happen!  My dream is that through Period Panteez, I can help improve the quality of women’s lives, from tweens to grandmas, and help make the world a better place by putting people first, period!”

To quote Sir Richard Branson, “For those who think business exists to make a profit, I suggest they think again.  Business makes a profit to exist.”  And if the folks that I do business with have my company folder marked, “Vida”, why, I’ll personally take that as a compliment!

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